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Brian Marshall Goodwin


Ditch the mic stand, Brian doesn't need it – his voice soars like a rock and roll eagle! Hailing from the legendary Motor City, Detroit, Brian's been living and breathing music since birth. Growing up on a steady diet of rock and roll, he formed his first band in high school and never looked back. From coast to coast across the East Coast, Brian toured with cover and original bands, sharing stages with national icons like Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, and Living Colour. He wasn't just opening for them, he was holding his own!

That's why, in 1990, Brian was handpicked as a founding member of ESB. This ain't your average frontman – Brian's a vocal powerhouse with a soaring tenor that'll leave you breathless. He channels the spirit of rock legends like Bon Jovi, Journey, and Michael Jackson with incredible accuracy, adding a punch of pure vocal magic to the already electrifying ESB sound. Get ready to be blown away – Brian's not just performing, he's creating an experience!

Brian Marshall Goodwin
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