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Brian Marshall Goodwin


Brian is the sky is the limit vocalist and rock solid bassist of ESB. Growing up in Detroit, he has spent his life making music professionally. Steeped in Rock and Roll, he joined his first band in high school, and has never looked back. Touring with several cover and original bands throughout the eastern portion of the US, he has shared the stage with such national artists as Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Vixen, Living Color, Rare Earth, Brownsville Station.

Brian was hand selected as one of the original members of ESB in 1990. A lead vocalist with a soaring tenor voice, he entertains his audience with the flare and confidence showcasing the seasoned performer he is. His renditions of such beloved artists as Bon Jovi, Journey, Michael Jackson, Train & The Righteous Brothers, leaves audiences in disbelief at the accuracy he uses his well-crafted vocal range to add punch to the vocal rich ESB lineup.

Brian Marshall Goodwin
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